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IRA Calculator

Your IRA limits may vary depending on your income and other retirement contributions. The IRS also changes limits from time to time, so this year’s limits may not be the same as the limits five years from now. If you’re not sure about which limits govern your IRA investments, consult a tax professional to find the current limits governing your specific circumstances.

Savings Calculator

Saving for retirement or a special occasion? Either way, make sure you adequately plan and calculate your strategy.

Mortgage Calculator

Looking for mortgage loans near me? Step 1 is determining your budget and calculating how much home you can afford. Step 2 – Get pre-qualified before you shop.

Refinance Calculator

Are current rates lower than your mortgage rate? If so, calculate your monthly savings by refinancing with Mid-Missouri Bank.

Auto Calculator

When purchasing a new vehicle, you are often presented with the following question: Should I take the cash rebate or special dealer financing? Did you make the right choice? Calculate which choice is best for you.

How much may I contribute to an IRA?

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How much will my savings be worth?

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Mortgage    |    Refinance

How much home can I afford?

Refinance calculator

Take the rebate or the special dealer financing?

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